Essence of Romagna

Our botanicals

100% Romagna juniper

The heart of our artisanal gin beats strong thanks to the Romagna juniper , harvested with passion and care in the Romagna Apennines . This juniper gives our distillate an authentic and unique character.

The expert hands of our pickers select the best juniper fruits from the lush hills of Romagna . Harvesting by hand ensures that only the ripest and most aromatic fruits are used in our distillation .

Every sip of this gin is a tribute to our land which has given us such an extraordinary ingredient .

8 botanicals

Vitale is made up of 8 botanicals carefully selected and harvested by hand , respecting their seasonality .

Each botanical is carefully integrated to create a gin that captures the imagination and satisfies the most discerning palate . Discover the harmony of these botanical ingredients in every sip and let yourself be transported on an unprecedented sensorial journey .







Luigia grass

Chestnut leaves

Taste-olfactory analysis

Gin Vitale is a London Dry Gin characterized by a rich and complex taste-olfactory profile , where freshness and softness find perfect harmony.

The herbaceous tones emerge clearly, with the predominant aromaticity of sage , the liveliness of rosemary , the fresh citrus of louisiana and the accentuated acidity of dog rose.

Laurel and gentian give the finish a slightly bitter note, giving depth to the overall taste, while the chestnut leaves envelop the palate with their intensity .